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    In only a few hours you can change your life's trajectory and never leave money on the table again.

    Hear what previous attendees had to say:

    • "Today has helped me to find my voice and find my confidence “

    • "Susan is a leader and an inspiration to many women of different roles from a professional and personal perspective."

    • "Susan will definitely make you walk away with different ideas on how to improve your net worth and get you to a place in life where you are confident you made it to where you deserve to be.

    • "Susan is real, transparent and will give you an honest view on what she has experienced through her career."

    • "Susan not only gives you the guides to get to the next step, she offers different avenues to get connected with other females who are inspired by similar goals.

    • "Be inspired like I was and take the next step in joining her network of endless growth opportunities."

    • "I was fueled to hear that I was taking the confident male path of asking to be compensated for my potential but I would have never articulated it like that.”



    Sounds amazing right?

    Here's the biggest investment you need to make.

    One hour of pre-work so you show up ready.

    Two hours of intense online group coaching.

    Be prepared to face your fears and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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    Ready to unleash your power and join our group of female power negotiators?

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    The most important step in any negotiation process, is deciding to negotiate in the first place.

    This is the first step to claiming and building the life you imagine. And we are here to take you to the next level with a workshop that includes:

    • One hour of pre-work so you show up ready.
    • Pre-Negotiation Self Inventory Power Checklist (you're personal blueprint)
    • Two hours of intense LIVE online group coaching with Susan around the Art of Negotiation, ASKING for what you want.
    • Workbook to support the Live workshop.
    • Discounted 1:1 Session w/ Susan for C-Suite Power Series attendees only. This allows direct access and support with Susan to design the strategy and framework for your next career/business move.

    If you are ready to take claim you're worth and learn the game, don't miss the next The Art Of Negotiation workshop with our Founder, Susan Pateras Maybury.


    Limited Space Available. Join the waitlist today.

  • From the boardroom to the C-Suite, get a peek behind the curtain from Susan Pateras-Maybury, female boss lady, intrapreneur, & entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in building networks, businesses, and launching products and services.

    She earned her seat at the table and MOST OF ALL understands the game, including seeing opportunities every day to negotiate personally and professionally.

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    Now let's get you in the game.

    "I’ve taken all the best strategies and lessons from my entire 20+ year career and created the C-Suite Power Series"

    "My goal is for every individual who joins this series, to walk away with the tools required, along with increased confidence to understand your value, negotiate your worth and chart your life and career effectively."

    Susan Pateras Maybury

  • I see you. You're ready to be heard, have your contributions valued, paid your worth and learn how to ASK for what you need in all areas of life, but you've been stuck trying to figure out how to get there.

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    The Art Of Negotiation

    The C-Suite Power Series

    Your complete step-by-step plan to learn how to ASK and INFLUENCE outcomes in only 3 hours!



    ✓ Say goodby to anxiety and walk into reviews feeling confident and equipped to discuss your career and compensation

    ✓ Go from unseen and unheard to "let's promote her" or "let's hire her - she would be perfect" status in just 3 hours

    ✓ Have the tools to create a step-by-step plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to prepare and influence 

    ✓ Start making confident and conscious decisions to increase your value and visibility, to chart the life and career you want

    ✓ Have a repeatable strategy and tools that work every single time, because negotiations are never one and done

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    Have you ever wished that you could learn how 6 figure execs work their way up the corporate ladder ?

    Stop struggling to understand how and why others seem to keep elevating their position.  


    Trust me, their strategies aren’t hard (and here's a secret, they don’t rely on education and experience alone). They’re actually really really good at one key thing - they learned the game.

  • Still unsure if you should attend the
    C-Suite Power series?

    If you answer “Yes” to any of the following statements, don't waste another day, week or month waiting to be recognized or paid your worth - join us now!

    ✓ You are tired of working 45+ hour weeks, feeling burnt out, under valued and getting passed over for promotions.

    You feel clueless on how to create a strategy that ensures you get the visibility, career path and pay increase you want.

    ✓ You want the ability to walk into any room with confidence and discuss your future without guilt or hesitation. 

    ✓ ​You've spent your energy and invested in building your spouse, children, or other loved ones' future dreams in exchange for your own.
    ✓ You know that community and a strong network matters and want to connect with a group of inspiring women who will support you and share the journey with you


    Join the waitlist to guarantee your seat and take the first step to knowing your worth and claiming your value. 

  • Grab your seat today to attend this power series:

    TICKET DETAILS: Price is inclusive of the following
    • Electronic course materials

    • Exclusive gift bag

    • A gourmet lunch delivered to you on the day of the event (to keep you fueled up, fired up and ready to claim your value and get paid your worth).

    Limited spaces are available for each session. There will not be a replay at this time.

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