• The Art of You 2021

    A vision and plan for receiving & thriving together


    To our supporters and trusted circle-


    In 2020 the world took a collective pause. Some held their breath, while others exhaled. But all of us were made to stop and stand still. We were forced to look deep inside at who we are and what we value most. Our health, relationships, work, families, hobbies, sleep [were all competing, and all intertwined]. The challenges were endless. Everything changed: the way we show up, how we communicate, the way we work and what it takes to feel secure, happy and grow.


    Wherever you are - we are there with you.


    The Art of You team is excited to announce our relaunch of The Art of You - Receiving & Thriving in 2021. Together we will go from surviving to thriving and tackle the difficult, deep, uncomfortable work as we chart our course in a radically different world. We’ve tapped into our inherent resilience. We’ve pivoted and started to rebuild. We’ve come together, while apart. And now, we will nurture our growth mindset, harness our grit, and forge ahead to a limitless tomorrow.


    If you have had enough of just surviving, together, it’s time we thrive.


    So what now?


    What you can expect from The Art of You team & a trusted circle of thought leaders as well as each other.

    We are thrilled to launch The Art Of You platform (www.theartofyou.global), built on our key pillars - Wellness, Elevating Women's Voices, Mindset, The Art of Transformation and Reinvention, Financial and Physical Health, and Brand YOU. This includes a circle of women thriving together with invite only access to: 

    • An exclusive Community Resource Library 
    • Monthly discussions with world-class speakers and members of our inner circle
    • Invite only experiences - access to exclusive virtual and in person events and experiences 
    • TAOY Growth Circles - personal curated power circles with women dedicated to your individual success

    In short, we got you. From where you are to where you are striving to go.


    2020 was a ride. We all need connection with other ambitious women like never before. We believe it’s critical we find a way to come together with a strong community and tools for whatever is to come. And we believe there is no time like the present.


    We look forward to receiving and thriving with you!

    TAOY Team






  • Women's Transformational Weekend

    We surveyed many of you and your feedback was clear on the desire to come together in person and create connections with other women. Given Covid and the logistics (and limitations) of being together in person, we are extending the event until January 2022, so that we can come together and truly experience the weekend as we all originally envisioned.


    We know some of you will want to convene in person tomorrow, while others will need time before they connect in a new Covid world. So we have been working to pivot from solely our signature weekend event and create a way to support each of us from exactly where we are.


    Here are three options to stay connected with us and a circle of women to thrive with: 

    1. As a current ticket holder, you are eligible for membership to The Art Of You platform, which will continue to lay the foundation for our community and give us the ability to collaborate and convene in small and intimate ways as we move through the year together - with 2021 dedicated to Receiving and Thriving. Check out the platform and new membership offerings at www.theartofyou.global


    2. We understand that circumstances change, and your personal needs may have shifted, so if you are not interested in the our membership platform and would like a refund, please contact the ticket broker directly via Refund for TAOY and stay connected through our emails and newsletters.


    3. Hold your space and guarantee your registration at our January 2022 - Women's Transformation Weekend event in Bermuda and stay connected via our emails, website and social channels.

    Our commitment to The Art of You weekend and the importance for us to deliver on the event we envisioned, remains our guiding force. We feel honored that you trust us with creating an immersive transformational experience for you in 2022. We are committed to hosting the event in a post Covid environment with intentional and relevant key notes, alongside a fulfilling immersive experience for all.