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    The Dream Was Never Big Enough

    Thursday May 13, 2021

    9:00am AST (8:00am EST)

    💭 Are you currently living your life on purpose, of your own design? Thriving?

    💭Do you have a dream/visual for your ideal life/business career?

    💭Do you find yourself getting in your own way?

    The team at The Art Of You have put together what we call The Art of You Method which combines the approaches of our co-founders to live life of our own design and it all starts with a DREAM!

    ✨ DREAM without limits!

    Join us as we dig into how we dream and design without limits, and what often comes up for women as they try to create their life on purpose. Listen as our co-founders give tips on how THEY created The Art of You for themselves!

    See you in the room!

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    The Importance of Negotiation for Women

    Thursday, April 22, 2021

    12:00pm AST (11:00am EST)

    The most important step in any negotiation process, is deciding to negotiate in the first place! And stats show women simply aren't asking at the same rate as men.

    Our dream is to create a space for women to bring a problem & solve a problem in a safe space, because we believe we are so much stronger together when we support and hold space for each other.


    We're on a mission to change that. This week we are talking about the Art Of Negotiation and the Importance of Negotiation for Women.

    ➡️ In what ways personally and professionally have you been required to negotiate?
    ➡️ Did you feel equipped to effectively negotiate with your female and male counterparts
    ➡️ What gave you confidence in the negotiation
    ➡️ What skills are required to effectively negotiate

    Grab your lunch or late morning latte today on Clubhouse (currently available for Apple users only).
    As always, if you need an invite please let us know via email or via IG @theartofyou_global and we will get you sorted! Looking forward to having you all in the room!
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    The Journey Matters More Than The Destination

    Saturday March 20, 2021

    11:00am AST (10:00am EST)

    Grab your coffee and join The Art Of You and Shuntelle Paynter, Founder of A Journey to Telle on an adventure that will inspire and support you in following your passion, launching a business and facing your fears.    Learn tools to finding joy in all travels and embracing the outcomes that matter most - the person you become, the skills acquired, and the connections made and the inner growth that takes place along the way.   Hear her story and learn how Shuntelle faces challenges and what it took to pivot and grow during Covid.  Listen in as we share personal stories and insights on "BIG goals” and debate goal setting vs enjoying the ride.  Register here for this upcoming event:
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    Thrive On Your Own Terms

    Saturday March 6, 2021

    11:00am AST (10:00am EST)

    Live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. With a circle of people dedicated to your success through our speaker series, events, growth circles and insights designed to give you the tools to thrive.   Join The Art Of You Founders (Sue Khan, Nikki Fagan & Susan Pateras), as they share their methods for moving through a hell of a year and landing feet first. This is an hour guaranteed to spark joy, laughter and maybe a few tears as we invite you to experience the relaunch of The Art of You 2021. Event is now closed. Join our mailing list to gain access to future recordings.